• Fragments of Laura - Live Science in the Summer August 28, 2018
    Que tal divertir-se enquanto aprende mais sobre a História e biodiversidade da Madeira? Venha e envolva-se numa experiência transmedia que mistura História, ficção e localizações no centro do Funchal! Com a visita Fragmentos da Laura poderá descobrir a História de Laura, uma rapariga madeirense que descobriu muitos dos segredos da herança natural da Madeira. Inscreva-se […]
  • O desafio do conhecimento e da competitividade... | Knowledge and competitiveness challenge... August 13, 2018
    Publishing Date: Monday, August 13, 2018Source: Diário de Notícias da MadeiraOnce again, I write for the DN about a controversial science subject. DL 57/2016, that creates a regime for contracting doctorates aiming to stimulating the scientific employment and to value the activities of scientific investigation and technological development in the institutions. In practice, this new legal regime turns […]
  • M-ITI research activities highlight August 8, 2018
    Publishing Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2018Source: Funchal NotíciasM-ITI's researchers have had outstanding activities such as the scientific article accepted in the journal 'Progress in Photovoltaics' volume 26, 8th edition of August, impact factor 6,456 [this factor quantifies the annual average number of citations of articles published recently in this same journal, that is, the aforementioned value indicates […]


  • People of ISR – Cláudia Soares September 4, 2018
    At fifteen years old Cláudia Soares had her professional life all planned out. She knew she wanted to dedicate her time to two very different fields. Her first big disappointment came when she realized that in school she was required to reduce her preferences and pick a field of studies. But instead of giving up
  • AHA Project – Using games to improve health June 20, 2018
    In an increasingly aged society, how can technology help combat a sedentary lifestyle? Serious games are tasks built to be a ludic activity while also being aimed at a process of physical rehabilitation. When motivated by the score and distracted by the game the user ends up experiencing as much physical effort as they would
  • LARSyS Annual Meeting 2018 June 18, 2018
    The 2018 LARSyS Annual Meeting was a success!   For two full days researchers from ISR, IN+, M-ITI and Maretec gathered at Pavilhão do Conhecimento to exchange knowledge and debate future challenges and opportunities. The Associate Laboratory of Robotics and Engineering Systems (LARSyS) brings together nearly 400 researchers from four Research and Development units. This year's two-day