• ITI at CHI 2019 February 13, 2019
    ITI (Institute of Interactive Technologies) will have a large presence at CHI 2019, which is taking place in Glasgow, UK on May 4-9. This ACM conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. This year, several Full Papers and Late Breaking Works have been accepted from ITI members. […]
  • Radio podcast - Sara Tranquada January 18, 2019
    Sara Tranquada (Ph.D. candidate) talked about her research regarding the number of women in certain areas, such as technology. Listen to the podcast. This was broadcasted on the radio channel RJM 88.8FM. Add a banner - Show a banner at the frontpage (the slider below m-iti logo): Feature this "Community News" at frontpage: 
  • CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project collaboration January 17, 2019
    CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project ( is looking for people with a special interest in Interaction Design; Crowdsourcing; SW and HW development/prototyping; and Mobility, to be involved in the development of the project. More information about the project below. In CIVITAS-DESTINATIONS project (, involving ARDITI, Horários do Funchal, Municipality of Funchal and a number of other European partners, […]


  • Feedbot, a symbiotic robotic arm for meal assistance January 22, 2019
    Many different causes can lead someone to be motion impaired. Manuel Marques is a researcher in Computer Vision who suffers from cerebral palsy. For him and his colleagues, his lack of movement control served as inspiration for a robotic aid, since involuntary movements of his arms make it very difficult for him to feed
  • Back to the future December 28, 2018
      The Institute for Systems and Robotics-Lisbon stands, today, on 26 years of achievements. All the projects, students, dreams and goals that have come by the North Tower of Alameda, culminate in the high-quality research done today and the multicultural environment of challenging practices and intellectual stimulation. In this year to come, ISR|Lisboa will continue on,
  • Year at a glance December 20, 2018
    Year at a glance As 2018 comes to an end it's time to look back on a full year of intensive research, plenty of activities and events, a great number of achievements and publications and thousands of interactions with the general public. An extended thank you to those who most regularly welcomed the students who