• Web Summit 2018 November 4, 2018
    This year M-ITI will be represented at the Web Summit from November 6-8. Stop by our stand! With the support of Madeira Regional Government. Add a banner - Show a banner at the frontpage (the slider below m-iti logo): Feature this "Community News" at frontpage: 
  • Entrepreneur's City 2018 | Cidade do Empreendedor 2018 October 31, 2018
    Visit M-ITI stand 79 at Cidade do Empreendedor 2018 until Sunday, November 4 from 3 pm to 10 pm at Madeira Tecnopolo and meet some of our researchers. Add a banner - Show a banner at the frontpage (the slider below m-iti logo): Feature this "Community News" at frontpage: 
  • Open call for applications for the CMU Portugal Dual Degree Ph.D. Scholarships October 30, 2018
    Call OPEN for CMU Portugal Dual Degree Ph.D. Scholarships in ICT. Scholarships for the 2019/2020 academic year include stipends and tuition fees for 3 years at a Portuguese University and 2 years at Carnegie Mellon University! Application deadlines are December 10, 15 and 31 depending on the Ph.D. research area. See all information on how […]


  • Official visit by Antonio Tajani, European Parliament President October 1, 2018
    On Friday the 29th of September, Antonio Tajani, the President of the European Parliament visited ISR-Lisboa to meet the researchers and robot of the MOnarCH project (coordinated by João Sequeira). After watching a news report on the project the President's curiosity was sparked because of how the project focused on social robotics by using
  • People of ISR – Cláudia Soares September 4, 2018
    At fifteen years old Cláudia Soares had her professional life all planned out. She knew she wanted to dedicate her time to two very different fields. Her first big disappointment came when she realized that in school she was required to reduce her preferences and pick a field of studies. But instead of giving up
  • AHA Project – Using games to improve health June 20, 2018
    In an increasingly aged society, how can technology help combat a sedentary lifestyle? Serious games are tasks built to be a ludic activity while also being aimed at a process of physical rehabilitation. When motivated by the score and distracted by the game the user ends up experiencing as much physical effort as they would