• Feedbot project achieves an honorable mention May 15, 2019
    Feedbot project was awarded an honourable mention for its work in technology and innovation by Exame Informática's Science and Technology Awards. This project is being developed at ISR-Lisboa under the CMU Portugal program and ITI. Feedbot is being led by Manuel Marques (IST), and Nuno Nunes (IST, ITI), Francisco Calisto (ITI), Manuela Veloso (CMU, J.P. […]
  • "Being Transdisciplinar: it's no longer enough to think outside the box" | "Ser transdisciplinar: já não basta pensar fora da caixa" May 15, 2019
    Cláudia Silva had an opinion article about transdisciplinarity published in Público on May 8. Add a banner - Show a banner at the frontpage (the slider below m-iti logo): Feature this "Community News" at frontpage: 
  • Movement and Computing Talk Series May 6, 2019
    In the scope of the MODI project (H2020 - Creative Europe funding), there will be three talks on May 8, starting at 2pm, at the classroom, at the -2 floor of Tecnopolo. These talks are open to the public in general. Program   2:00 pm Stephan Jürgens  - "Which corporeal dimensions can be computed in contemporary […]


  • ORIENT Project Collaboration October 1, 2019
    Around every six weeks researcher John van Opstal, from Radboud University in Holland, visits Lisbon to work with a team at ISR|Lisboa. A Professor of Biophysics and Director of the Donders Centre for Neuroscience, van Opstal has become a very active collaborator of ISR. It all began when J. van Opstal was looking for an
  • AMADEE-20: ISR team pre-selected for simulated Mars mission September 20, 2019
    Even though it’s a tremendously inhospitable environment to humans, space exploration continuously pushes the boundaries of humanity’s reach. When it comes to protecting humans from the harsh conditions of such environments robotic platforms can be a great asset to minimize exposure, much like it’s done on Earth’s most remote locations. Using a mobile robot for
  • SEEEP/SESE Summer School 2019 – Lisbon 22-24 July July 29, 2019
    Jointly promoted by two SESE Doctoral programs that aim to promote multilateral collaboration between the European and Chinese universities of the SEEEP, several international collaborators joined a summer school workshop at ISR this month. With a record number of participants – around 70 -  both from Europe and China, the workshop allowed for the interaction between