• Feedbot project achieves an honorable mention May 15, 2019
    Feedbot project was awarded an honourable mention for its work in technology and innovation by Exame Informática's Science and Technology Awards. This project is being developed at ISR-Lisboa under the CMU Portugal program and ITI. Feedbot is being led by Manuel Marques (IST), and Nuno Nunes (IST, ITI), Francisco Calisto (ITI), Manuela Veloso (CMU, J.P. […]
  • "Being Transdisciplinar: it's no longer enough to think outside the box" | "Ser transdisciplinar: já não basta pensar fora da caixa" May 15, 2019
    Cláudia Silva had an opinion article about transdisciplinarity published in Público on May 8. Add a banner - Show a banner at the frontpage (the slider below m-iti logo): Feature this "Community News" at frontpage: 
  • Movement and Computing Talk Series May 6, 2019
    In the scope of the MODI project (H2020 - Creative Europe funding), there will be three talks on May 8, starting at 2pm, at the classroom, at the -2 floor of Tecnopolo. These talks are open to the public in general. Program   2:00 pm Stephan Jürgens  - "Which corporeal dimensions can be computed in contemporary […]


  • Robot sponsorship and NatGeo Mission April 30, 2019
    SenseSeat is an egg-shaped chair that isolates you from your surroundings in an immersive experience. It can lean back, change colours, play stereo music or even alter the temperature around you. Developed at M-ITI the currently operational chair sits at the Cristiano Ronaldo hotel in Madeira. From the experience of developing SenseSeat and the
  • Luís Vidigal Award 2018 March 29, 2019
    The Luís Vidigal Prize awards, every year, a cash sum and recognition to the student author whose thesis gathers the best scientific, innovation and quality characteristics. João Domingos, tutored by Professor João Xavier, has won the 2018 edition for his Master's thesis: “A Step Towards Distributed Control of Massive-scale Networks.” The award was announced at the opening
  • Newest Marie Curie Fellow – BIGMATH Project March 28, 2019
    In an era in which Big Data is booming, so are challenges that can only be surpassed with strong theoretical and practical skills. BIGMATH - INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORK (ITN) ON BIG Data challenges for MATHematics is an EU funded project that aims to provide a group of young mathematicians with up-to-date training and knowledge