• Visits of High Schools and the Instituto Universitário Militar (IUM) June 8, 2018
    M-ITI hosted on May 28 students of the APEL, Jaime Moniz and João Gonçalves Zarco high Schools. The students became aware of the ongoing research. Also, on May 29 the Military University Institute was hosted at M-ITI in their official visit for the second year in a row. Add a banner - Show a banner […]
  • Summer Internships 2018 May 25, 2018
    Summer Internships Projects: M-ITI - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute invites highly-motivated students to apply to be Research Assistants during the 2018 Summer. The Summer internship program is open to all students, independently of their degree and university they come from.  It offers a research opportunity for students to engage in scholarly research with accomplished scholars and peers and […]
  • Social Tech Ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa report launch, May 16 May 18, 2018
    Social Tech Ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa project began in December 2016, was published in May 2018, and was executed by M-ITI. It has combined field work in sub-Saharan Africa, desk review, a peer nomination process, participant observation, and semi-structured interviews with 116 individuals in 32 countries in English, French or Portuguese. The 'Social Tech Ecosystems in […]


  • AHA Project – Using games to improve health June 20, 2018
    In an increasingly aged society, how can technology help combat a sedentary lifestyle? Serious games are tasks built to be a ludic activity while also being aimed at a process of physical rehabilitation. When motivated by the score and distracted by the game the user ends up experiencing as much physical effort as they would
  • LARSyS Annual Meeting 2018 June 18, 2018
    The 2018 LARSyS Annual Meeting was a success!   For two full days researchers from ISR, IN+, M-ITI and Maretec gathered at Pavilhão do Conhecimento to exchange knowledge and debate future challenges and opportunities. The Associate Laboratory of Robotics and Engineering Systems (LARSyS) brings together nearly 400 researchers from four Research and Development units. This year's two-day
  • People of ISR – Filomena Viegas May 21, 2018
    If you enter office 7.11 you will immediately see Filomena Viegas sitting in front of the window, surrounded by flowers. “I love orchids. They take a lot of care and attention. Each type has different needs and you need to think of a lot of factors to make them bloom” Filomena started working at Instituto