Ocean- Exploration and Exploitation

The oceans constitute one of the main resources of food, employment, and economic revenue, and are a tremendous potential source of resources and sustainable energies. However, the oceans remain largely unknown and unexploited. The sustainable exploration and exploitation of ocean resources requires the development of new methods and tools and the establishment of strong cooperative links between universities, research institutes, commercial companies, and stakeholders.

This thematic line aims to merge scientific knowledge and technological developments with a view to answer the manifold challenges of Ocean Exploration and Exploitation and to take hold of the new research and business opportunities that these activities bring along.

The following topics are at the core of our activity:

  • Ocean modeling to simulate and forecast coastal and open waters physical and biogeochemical tridimensional processes,
  • Remote sensing as a tool to monitor the state of the ocean,
  • Cooperative marine/aerial robotics networked via multimodal wireless communication systems (consisting of hybrid acoustic and optical systems) to afford scientific and commercial endusers the tools required to sample the ocean adaptively, inspect critical offshore structures for ocean farming and energy harvesting, map vast extensions of the deep ocean, monitor marine protected areas, and secure harbor installations.

This effort will leverage on the progress made at LARSyS over the past years towards the development of cutting edge ocean modeling tools and networked deep sea going marine robotics systems. In addition, OCEANS brings outside collaboration from the private sector and partners of ongoing and starting R&D projects, many of them leading institutions in the fields of research upon which this TL is rooted.

Representative projects planned to start in 2018 include MARE (ECEuropean Infrastructures for Marine Robotics), OceanTech (Deep Ocean Technological Systems), and EMSOPT (advanced systems for underwater laboratories servicing and data retrieval).

Research Groups that contribute to the Thematic Line:

Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics (DSORg-ISR)
Signal and Image Processing (SIPg-ISR)
Computer and Vision Laboratory (Vislab-ISR)
Marine, Environment & Technology Center (MARETEC)
Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI)
Laboratory of Technology Policy and Management (LTPM-IN+)