Knowledge transfer

LARSyS is actively engaged in technology transfer and commercialization processes, making use of four main formal and informal mechanisms: i) advanced training of skilled human resources and their employment in advanced, technology-based companies; ii) direct incubation of entrepreneurial projects; iii) indirect incubation of new technology based companies, in collaboration with networks of technology transfer offices, in particular through UTEN (University Technology Enterprise Network), involving linkages with the UT Austin, MIT and Carnegie Mellon University; and iv) through specific challenges and competitions to foster knowledge transfer processes and the creation of new business ventures.

Advanced training of human resources: LARSyS is actively involved in doctoral programs that prepare students to face and solve difficult and complex problems, but also by fostering and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives or involve industry in R&D projects. A large number of former students integrate today national and international institutions and companies of great prestige, including: Apple, Intel Corp, VMWare, eBay, Kongsberg Maritime, Eagleholding, Jondishapour, ALSTOM, QMEDICS, Microsoft, NedSense/LOFT, IFREMER, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Duke U., UCLA, MARINTEK, Philips Research, Karolinska Institute, KTH, TU/e, ESA/ESRIN.

Direct incubation of companies: In the last four years LARSyS has supported the direct incubation and launching of about twelve active spin-offs: ALBATROZ (, BLUE EDGE (, IDMIND (, MAMBU (, OBSERVIT (, REVERSE (, SELFTECH (, WOW!Systems (, CELL2B (, 3 Drivers (, ALFAMA (, WATT IS (

Indirect incubation of companies: LARSyS has provided its students and external companies through additional training tools/support to entrepreneurship and innovation programs, which is certainly also a factor that has contributed to a better integration in the economic fabric of people with high technical and scientific skills. Protrude programs like Green-Wheel, Impact, VECTORe, Solvay Ideas, have been promoted very successfully through LARSyS for a number of years. More recently LARSYS is involved in promoting and fostering the role of the UTEN Portugal ( with the aim of promoting the professionalization of technology managers at universities and R&D in Portugal for the purpose of stimulating international commercialization.

Specific challenges and competitions: LARSYs has also been actively involved through IN+ and UTEN in an annual international competition for new technology-based companies, the "Building Global Innovators",

Other activities include summer schools, invited talks, cooperation with science centers and the media, as well as the organization of events on robot competitions.
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