Opportunities for advanced training

LARSyS researchers are actively involved in major advanced training initiatives at post-doctoral, doctoral and master level in the areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Sustainable Energy Systems, Engineering and Public Policy and Technology Management Enterprise. LARSyS researchers coordinate programs at master and doctoral level, and have led a number of new initiatives at international level, including the MIT-Portugal, the Carnegie Mellon – Portugal and IST-EPFL joint ventures.

They have been implemented through IST, Lisbon and the University of Madeira along three main pillars: (a) joint international partnerships, (b) national doctoral programs and (c) specialized training. The first privileges the strategic long term cooperation with a few high-level partners; the second follows traditional forms of advanced training and have been very important to open a social basis for high level advanced training in Portugal; and the third pillar is based on the organization of research workshops and summer schools, which have been particularly important to foster new fields of research.

By mid-2013, LARSyS involves more than 20 post-doctoral fellowships and over 150 doctorate students. Overall, LARSyS is actively involved in several international partnerships for advanced training, as follows:
  • With Carnegie Mellon University, through Dual Doctoral Programs at Instituto Superior Técnico in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Robotics(RI), Computer Science (CS) and Engineering and Public Policy (EPP). ECE, RI and EPP are coordinated by LARSyS researchers (ECE,RI through ISR and EPP through IN+);
  • With Carnegie Mellon University, through Master Programs at University of Madeira in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and in Entertainment Technologies (ET), as coordinated by LARSyS researchers (through MITI);
  • With the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, through a Doctoral Program and a Master Program at Instituto Superior Técnico in Sustainable Energy Systems (SES), which is coordinated by LARSyS researchers (through IN+);
  • With the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, through a Master Program at Instituto Superior Técnico in Technology Management Enterprise (TME), which is coordinated by LARSyS researchers (through IN+);
  • With École Politechnique Federal de Lausanne (EFPL), through a Joint Doctoral Initiative at Instituto Superior Técnico, as part of the new Doctoral Program on “Robotics, Brain and Cognition” funded by FCT (
  • Through the KIC-Innoenergy ( PhD program in the context of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
While the doctoral programs are associated with training a new generation of researchers at the highest international level, the master programs correspond to a new generation of “Master of Business Engineering, MBEs”, training leaders for emerging high-tech companies.

LARSyS´s groups are involved in five different FCT funded Doctoral Programs (recently approved): “Networked Interactive Cyber Physical Systems” (ISR and MITI), “Digital Media” (MITI), “Robotics, Brain and Cognition” (ISR), “Sustainable Energy Systems (IN+), and “Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing Systems (IN+). All of them involve major international partnerships (respectively with CMU, UT Austin, EPFL and MIT). Other Doctoral Programs include “Engineering and Public Policy at IST”, “Electrical and Computer Engineering at IST”, “Computer Science at IST”, “Mechanical Engineering at IST”, “Environmental Engineering at IST”.
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