Dynamic Systems and Ocean Robotics (DSORg)

The Dynamic Systems and Ocean Robotics (DSORg) research is focused on dynamic systems and ocean robotics in a twofold way:

  • to pursue the study of a number of challenging theoretical problems in the areas of dynamical systems theory and networked estimation /control with applications to the design of advanced single and cooperative motion planning, control, and navigation systems for autonomous air and marine vehicles.
  •  to exploit the theoretical methodologies developed and to transition from the laboratory to the real word using in-house developed vehicles and systems as a means to contribute to the development of faster, cheaper, and far more efficient tools than those available today for ocean exploration and exploitation and critical infrastructure monitoring.

The tools include surface and underwater robots and related systems, as well as aerial vehicles working as communication relays,redirecting the operations of marine vehicles upon detection of relevant episodic events, and inspecting critical infrastructures. In the past, identical goals have motivated the definition of a research and development program addressing theoretical and practical engineering topics, as well as issues that are at the crossroads of marine science and technology. This program is at the root of the cooperative research and development work that has been driving the objectives of the group and will continue to be the main focus of our research effort in the near future. The R&D effort supports the key goals set forth under the Thematic Area Oceans Exploration and Exploitation.

The work at DSORg aims to:

  • Contribute to the body of knowledge in the general area of dynamical system theory.
  • Develop new analysis and design tools in the areas of navigation, guidance, and control (NGC) and apply them to the development of advanced systems enabling the operation of multiple networked autonomous marine and aerial vehicles.