ISR – Institute of Systems and Robotics

About ISR

The Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) is a multidisciplinary research institution in the areas of Robotics and Information Processing, including Systems and Control Theory, Signal Processing, Computer Vision, AI and Intelligent Systems and Biomedical Engineering.
Research at ISR spans a multitude of key topics, ranging from fundamental theoretical issues to the applications of engineering methods and tools to the design and analysis of complex systems. ISR is organized in the following 5 research groups/labs:
ISR is located at the North tower of the Lisbon campus of IST (Técnico – Lisboa) and is home to more than 100 researchers from many nationalities, including 32 faculty members, research fellows and Post-Doc researchers. They are responsible for the supervision of 65 post-graduate and 27 undergraduate students.
At ISR, we attach special attention to international scientific research cooperation and to advanced training and education initiatives through master, doctoral and post-doctoral programs.

Our Mission

ISR offers an international environment with its teams being engaged in several vibrant international collaborative projects. Two types of activities are specially noteworthy: firstly, participation in R&D projects with premium universities, research centres and businesses, under the auspices of programs funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, European Community and other agencies; and secondly, advanced training and education initiatives, primarily through master, doctoral and post-doctoral programs for Portuguese and foreign researchers.

The following facilities constitute the core space and the main assets of our centre:

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