Internationalization and Training

LARSyS activities are leveraged through premium international partnerships, doctoral programs, and projects. In particular, LARSyS leads:

  • The Sustainable Energy Systems area of the MIT-Portugal Program (IN+);
  • The overall coordination of the CMU-Portugal Doctoral Program in ECE and Robotics (ISR) and Design and HCI (ITI);
  • The overall coordination of the IST-EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative (ISR);
  • The Robotics, Brain and Cognition PhD Program program;
  • Coordination of the EIT Innoenergy PhD;
  • Involvement in the digital media focus area of the UTAustin-Portugal program.

Over the past 5 years, LARSyS has graduated 120 PhD students, of which 52 with international partners:

  • 16 dual degrees with CMU;
  • 10 joint degrees with EPFL;
  • 17 degrees with co-supervision from MIT, among others.