Laboratory of Technology Policy and Management (LTPM)

The Laboratory of Technology Policy and Management (LTPM) envisages policy analyses and recommendations to key decision makers in view of the socioeconomic challenges associated with Technology Change and Industrial Dynamics, focused on 3 mains areas of research:

  • FIRM CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT, The group built a strong international reputation addressing entrepreneurship and innovation from different perspectives: firm creation, survival, growth and regional development; venture capital activity; high growth firms; multinational companies; occupational choice and labour mobility; impact of founders’ human capital on careers, earnings and hiring decisions; entrepreneurial teams; entrepreneurship as a mechanism for social inclusion; entrepreneurial intentions and firm creation among university students; business incubation and user innovation.
  • INDUSTRIAL DYNAMICS, A major contribution focuses on knowledge intensive and tech-based industries such as Biotech, Sea, Automotive and Aeronautics.Research for the Aeronautics industry was essentially framed in an international project (E4Value) funded by the CMUPortugal Program and led by LTMPIN+ in a consortium with IDMEC and INESC in Portugal and CMU in the USA, as well as companies, experts and institutional partners.
  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY, Research on Firm creation, survival and growth, Industrial dynamics in diverse sectors; Clusters, Advanced technologies and Higher Education policy, is used to develop policy analyses and recommendations to key decision makers (Ministries of Economy and of Science, Technology and Higher Education; COMPETE2020).

The team was able to obtain competitive funding; involve senior and young researchers and students; publish in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences; expand its international networks and consolidate its position as an important group in entrepreneurship, industrial dynamics and innovation research.