LARSyS 2021 Annual Meeting

LARSyS 2021 is a hybrid event designed to provide an opportunity for LARSyS researchers to engage in interdisciplinary debates about current and future challenges in robotics and engineering systems research. As in previous years, LARSyS 2021 also includes panel discussions and presentations with external guests to foster the identification and dissemination of significant research and funding initiatives in Portugal and Europe.

LARSyS is an Associated Laboratory that brings together more than 400 researchers from four R&D units: ISR-Lisboa, IN+, ITI, and MARETEC.

LARSyS has the distinctive value of bringing together researchers working in various engineering technologies and systems, with a strong interest in exploring these areas together with designers and social scientists, at the intersections with the arts and humanities. In addition, it aims to foster the scientific culture of all those involved in specific research areas, as well as of university students and other researchers interested in discussing challenges and shaping new opportunities for Robotics and Engineering Systems.

This meeting marks the cautious return to in-person activities as the COVID19 pandemic hopefully draws to an end. We hope it will be an excellent opportunity to create and strengthen bridges fundamental to a highly multidisciplinary institution like LARSyS. A significant part of the LARSyS vision and ambition stems from the rich cross-disciplinary exchange between our researchers and external stakeholders.

This year’s event is also important as we just finished a successful evaluation of LARSyS as an Associated Laboratory, based on our impact on national and international public policies and our capacity to attract substantial amounts of research funding and promote scientific employment. It is the beginning of a significant change whereby LARSyS will now host permanent research positions with a well-defined career track.

We thank all the researchers involved in the LARSyS Associate Laboratory for the effort and progress attained over the last years, particularly since we endured this once-in-a-lifetime experience of a pandemic. We trust you will find the program exciting and make the best use of this opportunity to interact with LARSyS research colleagues and students.
LARSyS 2021 represents a small but qualified sample of all the inspiring work developed in the various LARSyS research units as in previous editions.

Enjoy the meeting and share your ideas!

José Santos-Victor
Nuno J. Nunes
Tiago Domingos
Paulo Ferrão