MARETEC – Marine, Environment & Technology Center


MARETEC is a Research Centre of IST for Marine, Environment and Technology. It has two main research areas:

  • Modelling of marine and land systems – MARETEC’s main activities in this area focus on numerical modelling applied to water environmental problems, monitoring and data management. MARETEC has more than 20 years of experience in the development and application of numerical models to coastal and ocean areas and 10 years of experience in land and riparian areas. It is also strongly involved with different monitoring programs for coastal areas concerning water quality and primary production. The MOHID system – a public domain code with users worldwide – is an integrated modeling system developed by MARETEC. It includes two main models: MOHID WATER and MOHID LAND;
  • Sustainability – in this research area MARETEC aims at creating a theoretical, mathematical basis for sustainability assessment, through the integration of Thermodynamics, Ecology and Economics. For this purpose, MARETEC has notably worked on Dynamic Energy Budget theory for the metabolism of organisms; the useful exergy approach to energy accounting; energy and economic growth; carbon responsibility indicators; ecosystem services; comprehensive accounting; and sustainable agriculture. Within this overarching framework MARETEC has most notably published in the areas of metabolic ecology, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, energy analysis, green accounting, and carbon responsibility.

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