Marine, Environment & Technology Center – MARETEC

Based on fundamental principles from thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics, in the approach of mathematical and computational modeling, research at MARETEC has the following action lines, covering fully the research to application spectrum:

  • METABOLISM OF ORGANISMS: A global leader on the development and application of Dynamic Energy Budget theory, the only available theory for the metabolism of all organisms on Earth.
  • METABOLISM OF ECONOMIES: Development and empirical testing of theories for the metabolism of economies, explaining major puzzles in mainstream economic theory.
  • ECOSYSTEM MODELING: Continuous development of its public domain and open source MOHID modelling system, a major contribution to the marine systems (MOHID Water) and agriculture and hydrological resources management (MOHID Land) communities
  • SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT: A broadly integrative approach to sustainability assessment of countries, regions, and products, with particular expertise on water, soil, climate, and biodiversity & ecosystem services, and in life cycle assessment, input-output analysis, economic valuation, multi-criteria analysis and public participation.
  • MARINE ENERGY: Activities in the areas of ship propulsion, marine current & tidal energy, and offshore wind energy.
  • OPERATIONAL MODELING AND ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING FOR MANAGEMENT: Operational modeling and environmental monitoring of aquatic and terrestrial systems, at multiple scales;
  • GRAZING FOR SUSTAINABILITY: Work with the 1000farmer, 0.5 million hectare Terraprima network, developing sustainable industry 4.0 solutions for pastures and grazing animals.

MARETEC works closely with its spinoff ecosystem (HidroMod, Action Modulers, Terraprima), ensuring efficient knowledge transfer, practical relevance of its research, training and employment opportunities for its M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.