PhD in Networked Interactive Cyber Physical Systems

The PhD in Networked Interactive Cyber Physical Systems was created through the partnership between IST/UL (Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade de Lisboa) and Carnegie Mellon University.It has been running successfully for several years, with 16 dual diplomas awarded by IST/CMU. Focussed on complex socio-technical systems, this Ph.D. program stands at the crossroads of information processing, decision making,controls and robotics, systems optimisation, networking, and human-computer interaction.
Central to this program is the convergence of computation, sensing, decision making, and control capabilities in small nodes with networking capabilities,acquiring and sharing data, and acting on the environment by controlling the operation of local robotic devices or interacting with human beings. The class of Cyber Physical Systems must have the capability to reach consensus on well-defined objectives or to cooperatively solve complex problems that benefit from the vast spatial diversity of the nodes.

This program is aimed at students with a Master’s degree (2nd cycle Bologna or pre- Bologna) in engineering (electronic, computers, mechanical, aerospace and IT), computer science, and applied mathematics and it offers a high level of expertise and skills in cyber physical interactive systems. This PhD will provide students with the conceptual, scientific and technological tools to deal with the most challenging problems that happen in some of the most relevant real-life situations in the world. The fast progress that has been made in the field of systems engineering are allowing for the development and deployment of large-scale operating systems that interact with humans and physical systems, which are at the center of a vast number of applications in real world contexts and have significant scientific, economic and social impact.


To meet the real and ever-changing challenges in our society, a new generation of researchers is needed. These researchers should be capable of dealing with theoretical and practical situations created by the intersection of information processing, controls and robotics, systems optimization, networks data and human- computer interaction. The PhD in networked interactive cyber physical systems aims to train researchers, professors and professionals to deal with innovative processes and situations. It also has within its objectives to enable students to analyze complex situations and to propose new solutions, as well as give them the ability to manage multidisciplinary teams.

How to apply

In order to apply, it is required to write a research statement and find a supervisor at ITI. Please check the list of faculty, select a Faculty whose subject is closest to your own, send him/her your research statement, and ask about his/her availability to supervise you.

Applications to the local program with Instituto Superior Técnico will open from July 2 to July 27 2018.

More information  here.